Sunday, 27 June 2010

Contest at The North Wing


All contest have rules and if you can follow
these few simple rules you can enter

1. Contest well run until Wednesday June 30th
( Opening of Eclipse) evil grin
2- Make your creations for Non PSPer's ..
3. Theme well Twilight Saga DUH !!! but,
if you don't like twilight Vampires and wolfs are ok too.
4. Yes, you can create more than one tag,
but to be fair you can only win once. wink
6. All can enter

So you want to know what you can win
1st place- 10.00 certificate of choice of any tube place and
a Twi Saga Kit from a scrap store. not over 5.00
2nd place- 5.00 certificate of choice if they have it
3rd place- a tube anywhere you want

How is that?

So pop on over to The North Wing,
and try your luck

Good Luck Everyone

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