Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lots of New Tubes

Damn!!! I keep forgetting to update the blog..
Naughty or what lol...
So it means I have 3 sets of tubes for you...
which means more for you to enjoy...
and dont forget for the rest of June

So here is the first set...

You have the you need the Tube,
well this lady is beckoning to you!
Mix n Match her Hair, Make-up and Outfit,
it is all provided for you..
so many combinations for you to enjoy...

Second set....

Emo, Slightly Gothic, Cheeky or just having fun,
This lady has it all.
She has an outfit and a Flag for ALL occasions.
As usual Mix n Match everything,
it is all provided for you,
just have fun with her...

 Last but not Least...

This lady is just waiting to spice up your projects...
Just find the one that compliments your work, 
and away you go.
Everything is provided for you to Mix n Match
and create your own look.

 You can find them all HERE and HERE
Lots of fun to be had creating that unique project,
that no one but you will have