Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hey everyone,
Hope you are all safe and well.
I dont know if you have heard about T.A.G
that is Taggers and Artists Giving.
Its been started over at PSP Asylum, and its a
way for Taggers and Artists alike to give something back.
How it works....
Taggers and Artists donate something to be sold through the
T.A.G store and all the monies go to charity. I mean All,
no commissions are paid to anyone!

I have donated 4 tubes see preview below.
But there are some awesome stuff there all at very low prices.
These are mine...


The tubes are the two girls, the Bike and one with the girl stood against
the bike as you can see above. They come in PSD files as well as PNG
so everyone can use them...
sooooooooo pop over and get your goodies, and stuff from other artists too.
And know that you have helped someone that really needed it.

Find them HERE

Monday, 22 August 2011

CU OK Freebie Cluster Frame

Hiya everyone,
Sorry I havent been about very much...
My BFF broke her hip and I have been spending most of the day
everyday with her. Her son is home on leave for a few days now
so I get to be at home lol...
So I have a nice little Freebie for you,
CU OK too...hows that?? lol
Hope you like it,


You can find it HERE
Password = CuddzBlog
Please leave a comment either in the chat box below
or when you download....
Thank you all
Enjoy and

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tubes Sale

Hey everyone,
I have got a huge sale going on,
50% off all my tubes. Yep...50%
and its across the board so its in all my stores too,
so you can pop over to your fav store and
get yourself a bargain.
Ohhhh and thats not all...
this isnt one of those one day sales,
or even a weekend sale....
Its for the whole Month!
So throughout August...you can get those tubes for 50% off.
Now ya gotta admit... thats a bargain to anyone,

You can find my Stores

Happy shopping and


Monday, 1 August 2011

New Tut

Whoooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo
Our Val is back and writing her tuts with the
usual fabulous results.
This is her latest, and using my Tube,
now isnt it just gorgeous?????


Sooooooo pop along and take a look,
You will find the tut HERE