Thursday, 31 January 2013

With Love Collab

This collab has been made with Love from
 all those that took part.
Its a Love you dont find anywhere other than 
in the PSP world.
Its that Love we all feel for friends that are going through tough times.
The PSP world has its faults but whenever 
someone needs them 
they rally round and get some way to help each other....
This is one of those times.
This collab is to help Callie and her husband Chris to rebuild.
Please, Please, purchase this collab, all funds go to them.
Its just $10.00 for tons of stuff,  you couldnt buy this
amount individually for a helluva lot more $ than that!
If you cannot afford it, but would like to donate 
a smaller amount,
anything you can afford will be appreciated.
For Deatails of how to donate....
Please visit our Fan Page HERE

Here is a list of the stores the collab is available at...

Treasured Scraps        HERE

Taggers Delight           HERE

BellazingaroStudio       HERE

Honoured Scraps        HERE

YourScrapAddiction   HERE

Whimsicaldivas           HERE

DesignerScraps          HERE

O'ScrapShack           HERE

Here is a preview of my part,

Remember you will be helping a member of our community,
so off ya go to the stores,