Monday, 25 April 2011

Tubes, Tuts and Kits galore

WOW...what a combination...
Now you have the total package, Tubes, Tuts and Kits
all matching. And available in Full and Tagger Sizes.
The kit has 2 bonus poses included.
CU OK! The Classy lady has gone all Camo.
In this gorgeous outfit, she will blow the minds of
any soldier. Or she will simply make your project look pretty.
She is rendered at 300ppi. so very good printing quality.
and at full size she will print at 7ins on her longest side...
the tagger size will print at 4ins on her longest side.
So whatever you are doing she will enhance your work.
Enjoy her and


Get the tubes HERE or HERE

As from 13th july 2011 these tubes are now licenced
and no longer CU OK!


Check out the Kit to match Tut and outfit HERE
With 2 Bonus Posers!

Check out the Tutorials using her HERE
There is more than one Tutorial.

WOW....everything you need for that perfect project,
now thats what I call brilliant lol

Friday, 22 April 2011

Classy Tut...WOW...Gorgeous

Oh WOW... Our Cheeky has been busy again,
She has the most gorgeous tut for you
using the Classy Black and White Tube,
and the matching Kit from Shellez Creations,
Showing just one way you can use these amazing tube,
Her Tuts are always so easy to do,
and simply gorgeous.

Pop over and take a look HERE

Classy Black and White

Looking for that perfect lady to finish your brilliant project.
Well meet our classy lady dressed for the part.
She comes in 12 different poses so there's something for everyone.
Full size but will easily size down to Tagger size ..and CU OK!
so shes ready for all your needs.
Classy and waiting to drop into your project.
Watch out for this lady in different colours too.


Get her HERE or HERE
You know you have to have them,
Enjoy and

As from 13th july 2011 these tubes are now Licenced
and no longer CU OK!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Proud Nana

Hello to the world,
Boy its so big and I am so small,
I arrived this morning at 5.55am...and they
stuck me on this cold thing that said I weighed
7lb 1/2oz. Then they threw water all over me,
but its all good, cos Mummy and Daddy looked so happy.
Mummy and Daddy say they are going to call me Braydon
hope I have spelt it right lol...jeeze im a baby already hehehe
Nana says she is so proud and boy that woman fusses.
Shes wanting to buy me lots of stuff, but said she will
wait till Mum tells her what I need.
Hmmm.I need a nap... thats what I need.
Enjoy your day everyone,
I will be tucked up sound asleep

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Am I proud or What??

I have the most awesome news to share with you.
Shelle of Shellez Creations and myself have teamed up,
and we are now Partners and Sister sites.

Shelle and I have been friends for a few years now,
so we were chatting and decided to do this.
OMG...I am so excited...
Sooooooooooooo watch out for some fabulous stuff
coming up real soon.
You can find Shellez blinkie at the top right,
Pop over there and HAVE FUN

** bounces round the room doing the Happy Dance **

Cowboys and Tarts 3

Here is the third of the tuts from Cheeky,
This is just too cute lol.
Featuring the Cowboys, and a FTU kit from Laurie
wow you know you will want to do this one.


Take a look HERE
And I know you will
Enjot and

POP back tomorrow for
yet another tut from Cheeky,
you know you love them,
and I know she can write the bestest lol

Cowboys and Tarts 2

The second of three tuts from Cheeky.
This one is using the gothic girl tubes,
and as always is gorgeous.
Its called "Anguish" and
uses a FTU Kit from a very talented scrap maker... Jessica.


You can find this one HERE
As always Enjoy and

Cowboys and Tarts lol

WOW...Cheeky has been going bonkers lmao
She has 3 new tuts for you all to have fun with,
The first is "Love Doesnt Have to Hurt"
Now this is just gorgeous,

You can find it HERE
Enjoy and

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beauty in the Dark...stunning tutorial.

Photobucket this stunning or what???
Yet another gorgeous Tut from CheekyVal
This woman never ceases to amaze me with her
talent for putting a tag together, and then writing
the tutorial. I can see why others want her on their
creative team.
All her tutorials are so original and beautiful,
or just plain cute lol.
Soooo pop over and see what she has to offer,
including the tut for this beauty.
Its called Beauty in the Dark

You will find her HERE
Enjoy and Have fun

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Another Cute Easter Tut for you

WOW....Val keeps them rolling lol,
and she hasnt let us down with this one,
Isnt it the cutest,
Pop over and take a look,
I know you will love it.


Ohhhh Its gorgeous,

You can find the tut HERE


Monday, 4 April 2011

Cowboys are Go

The Cuties go West lol.
The boys are all dressed for the Wild West.
They will challenge you to a dual or just outright shoot you lol,
but...dont worry they only shoot flags..BANG.
12 Different poses, and at, 72ppi (300ppi) and 700px
on their longest side they will resize easily and be useful
for all your projects.


Get them HERE or HERE
You know you have to have them,
Enjoy and