Thursday, 21 April 2011

Proud Nana

Hello to the world,
Boy its so big and I am so small,
I arrived this morning at 5.55am...and they
stuck me on this cold thing that said I weighed
7lb 1/2oz. Then they threw water all over me,
but its all good, cos Mummy and Daddy looked so happy.
Mummy and Daddy say they are going to call me Braydon
hope I have spelt it right lol...jeeze im a baby already hehehe
Nana says she is so proud and boy that woman fusses.
Shes wanting to buy me lots of stuff, but said she will
wait till Mum tells her what I need.
Hmmm.I need a nap... thats what I need.
Enjoy your day everyone,
I will be tucked up sound asleep

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