Wednesday, 14 January 2009

2 more awards

OMG.. I cant believe it,
I havent been doing anything and i have got 2 awards
I am waiting for somewhere to sell my scraps...
should be set up by the end of the week hopefully,
So to get these is simply amazing,
I want to thank my dear and close friend Kimmi for them,
I feel so honoured to get them,
Now Kimmie is truly amazing.. click her link and go have a look
you wont be disappointed... that I can promise you

This is the first one,

Now I have to give this to 5 people,
so here they are

1. Toni.. her scraps are just out of this world
2. UntamedAngel... she does so much for everyone
3. WeeScotsLass ... This blog has absolutley everything you can think of
4. Sunf ... Fabulius Scraps and a tutorial site too
5. Shelle Stunning stuff here... not to be missed

And this is the second one..

Now this has to go to 5 people as well,
1. Melissa... this woman is amazing... what else can I say
2. Rockin Scraps and a tutorials site... both excellent
3. Storm gorgeous scra0s and she has 50% off at the moment
4. Shawna Scrap stuff with tutorials
5. Rylee Brilliant site and lovely pics to see too

have a great day everyone,