Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Piracy and the pathetic Internet police!!

Someone has seen fit to leave a message here accusing me of piracy!!!
Dont ya just love people that do these things anonymously lmao
Let me tell you Edith whoever you are...
For everything I have not made myself I have receipts for the purchases
or they are commercial use items that were offered as freebies.
I am one of the few people that actually DO READ the TOU!
Which in this case clearly state...."can be used for personal and commercial projects"
I DO NOT condone piracy and never will!!

Have you been to the store that is actually selling these????
I gace them as freebies... others are selling them!!

Also I WILL NOT be bullied.
Make sure you have your facts right...because I will drag you through
every court in the world to clear my name if I am unjustly accused of anything!!
Trust me I do have the means and the finance to do it... so
Tread carefully before you try to slander me...


If anyone at anytime feels I have done anything wrong and
you can show me I have, then please feel free to e mail me and I
will rectify whatever it is.
I will not ever intentionally hurt anyone, nor will I ever be a Pirate!

Thank you all for understanding,
I hope you can still enjoy my freebies,
If not...then I am sorry

Just to explain something...
When things are offered as a freebie or are purchased from
any of the Poser/Daz stores... they do not come ready made!.
They are in a folder containing the bases and the textures.
it is up to the person using them to put them all together
and then render them.
Before they can be rendered a suitable pose has to be found ,
such as sitting, standing, arms folded, arms out etc etc,
then the lighting has to be added.
The lighting is very important and if not applied correctly will affect the
whole final render.
So sometimes many hours can go into just getting the final render correct.
Even with commercial use items it is not a case of
simply copying and pasting something into a kit.


Update:... Just to clarify, I e mailed Marco, and he has assured me I have done nothing wrong!!
Next!! ??? pmsl...


Karen McMahon said...

OMG...they still at it? these cyber bullies have been at it for at least 10 years! They once tried to bully me too, but I put them right in their place. Honestly, you'd think they would at least research what heck they are on about. These morons ...YES, THAT MEANS YOU EDITH! have obviously no life, no friends, and the men of their tribe have small willies so they need to make up for it by trying to bully people.
They are more than welcome to come over to my blog and try it on with me....you know me Cuddz, I love a good verbal argument ;-)But I doubt you will see EDITH again. She daren't even leave a link for you to have a go back, bloody coward!
Well Said though Cuddz. Keep up the good work, and ignore the internet morons who are too pathetically stupid to join the real Police so have to try it on here. EDITH...YOU'RE AN EEJIT!

Wicked Princess said...

Big hugs to you darlin'! Om and I know you as someone who is generous and giving...and you know what you are doing! Don't let em' get ya! -Shani

Cuddz said...

Thank you both for your support, it means a lot to me that people do know I wouldnt hurt or pirate anyone intentionally. I know mistakes can be made thats why I e mailed Marco, but also if there was a mistake I would be the first to put it right and apologise profusely. xxxx

Karen McMahon said...

Send em over to me hun. I'll put em right and tell them what's what...

and i reapeat EDITH YER AN EEJIT!

Always' Creations said...

Cuddz I've known you for a while and you would never pirate..I know because you and Tyger are the ones I learned it from. and I too read the TOU before using anything and if I'm not sure I email the person and get permission. Kuddo to you for standing up for what is right