Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Art of Giving

Hiya everyone,
are you all getting ready for the Christmas holidays,
in the spirit and all that lol.
Now I have a huge favour to ask...
Please Please pop over to The Art of Giving and
try to help if you can.
Make someones Christmas a little special,
I know times are hard for us all, but...
some of us are having it that little bit harder than most.
and you never know when it may be your turn,
so Please do whatever you can...
Just take a look at the site, honestly you WILL NOT
be disappointed... there is something for everyone,
Tubes, Kits, and even Prints from some of the best Artists,
Here is a tube pack I have donated,


Thank you to :
Wicked princess
for all you are doing to help those in need.

You can find The Art of Giving HERE
Please take a look and do whatever you can,
no matter how small,
One day it may just be you that needs them!

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