Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hiya everyone,
Well... I told you I would have some news for you,
and it would all be free...well here it is....

Grab your bags and run to the Station.
A New and Exciting Blog Train is about to depart...

You can get tickets HERE...
and have alot of fun too,
Just come here on the 1st JUNE 09 and catch the first train,
then proceed to the other stations and get off to enjoy further
gifts before going to the next station.

Have fun and
Enjoy your ride,


Gypsy said...

Whoops, maybe communication hasn't been as good as I thought...don't link to the train station, hunni, there's been a change of plans, and the train is going to leave from the Padded Cell blog...and they haven't posted their announcement yet, so hold onto yer horses...and the current station has links to everyone's works-in-progress, there might be some consternation if peeps start dl'ing too soon

Gypsy said...

ok, I clicked & see where you've gone-phew-ignore all notes of panic in the last comment, lol