Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Please everyone that sees this... please follow the link and even if you cannot watch all the video... please like it... we want this to get out there.
Please if you can donate even $1, or even less... 
whatever you can we Thank You from our hearts. 
If you wish to buy the collab... you can get it http://angelsandartistsagainstlyme.blogspot.co.uk/
The Video is 8mins and 22secs long... but that is less than 10 mins of your life for this cause. We need the public to see this and be aware of this horrible disease. 
We are ALL at risk!!!.... Lets get this going Viral.!
Thank You Everyone


If you buy the Collab you will get this Bonus full of kits and other stuff
Don't wait any longer...you just know you don't want to miss this,
Have fun with your kits and Tubes and
Thank You All from our hearts


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