Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tubes Galore

Hey everyone,
Sorry I havent been here for ages,
got kinda caught up learning a new program,
but i have been busy lol....
I have some tubes for you that I'm sure your gonna love.
6 sets of tubes, 18 tubes in each set, and each set has a
different themed detail on the outfit.
From Cute,... through Fashion... to Goth,
theres sure to be one here that you will love.
Take a look at this preview,


You can get the HERE, HERE, AND HERE
Have fun with them,


1 comment:

Rosie said...

I can't get them there, there, or there because I don't have any money. I spend all my mad money (I'm not mad often) on the DressUp Cookie sets at CMU Scraps. You should visit CMU Scraps Store and see the dress up Cookies. I'd really enjoy it if you decided to make some Dress Up Posers of your own. I have to buy things on sale because I'm disabled and not yet selling any of my creations, so I don't have much to spend. Your poser ladies are lovely, if you'll let me know when you have a good sale I'll come back and look again.

I wish you all the best.