Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Blog Award


The aim of the award is to bring recognition to blogs with minimal followers.
Since I have accepted the award I must pass it on to at least 3 other blogs (but not more than 5), that have inspired me and I feel deserve a bit more attention.
The rules are to say thank you on my blog to the one who passed it on to me
and link to their blog. Pick the blogs to pass the award on to, leave a note on their blog and then list them with links to their blogs...

So first of all
Thank You so very Much Val for this award,
if you didnt have it...I would be giving it to you.
You are truly an inspiration to everyone that knows you,
and your Tuts are amazing.

Sooooo who to pass it to,
well here are my 3 choices...

this lady is amazing...apart from her tuts and scraps...take a look at her
Year in Pics...fabulous.

This lady can design anything...take a look you wont be disappointed

This lady is an inspiration to everyone,
if you think Life is tough...you should try her shoes..
but she still holds a smile,

Thank Ladies for all that you are,

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